Project Summary

State Highway 101 Auxiliary Lane from Shoreline Boulevard Overcrossing to Oregon Expressway Overcrossing in the Cities of Palo Alto and Mountain View, CA. Caltrans Contract Number 04-4A3304. The estimated construction cost for this project was $54 million. This was a Risk Level 2 project.

The contractor hired SKE to prepare the SWPPP and acted as the Water Pollution Control (WPC) Manager for this Risk Level 2 project. SKE completed the SWPPP comprised of 21 drainage areas and samplings locations.

The project is located on U.S. 101 in the cities of Mountain View and Palo Alto, Santa Clara County, California. It comprised a distance of approximately 3.3 miles. The purpose of the overall project was to relieve existing and future traffic congestion on weaving sections and at ramp termini, and improved local access over this segment of the U.S. 101 corridor. The project constructed an auxiliary lane on U.S. 101 in each direction between North of Shoreline Boulevard Overcrossing to Oregon Expressway Overcrossing. The new auxiliary lanes were constructed adjacent to the existing outside lanes. The construction of the auxiliary lanes widened the existing U.S. 101 bridges over Adobe Creek, Matadero Creek and the existing U.S. 101 box culvert at Permanente Creek. SKE worked with the subcontractor to perform water quality samplings in these creeks during construction and certified the data provided by the subcontractor. Furthermore, SKE collaborated with the prime contractor to provide following services:

  • Provided stormwater training to contractors and prepared training record, CEM 2023 and CEM 2024,
  • Performed storm event and weekly Stormwater Site Visual Inspection and prepared reports, CEM 2030,
  • Reviewed pre-storm, during storm, post storm, and quarterly non-storm discharge observation reports,
  • Prepared Daily Stormwater Site Inspection Report, CEM 2031,
  • Prepared Corrective Action Summary reports, CEM 2035,
  • Prepared Best Management Practice Status reports, CEM 2034,
  • Prepared Rain Event Action Plan (REAP), CEM 2045,
  • Prepared Weather Forecast Log, CEM 2040 and Weather Monitoring Log, CEM 2041,
  • Performed stormwater samplings and prepared reports, CEM 2051 and CEM 2052,
  • Prepared Notice of Discharge, CEM 2061,
  • Prepared SWPPP amendments, CEM 2008 and CEM 2009,
  • Prepared NPDES Annual Certification, CEM 2001,
  • Prepared Project Stormwater Annual Report, CEM 2075.

The visual inspections and samplings were performed along a spread out freeway corridor. It required good effort of collaborations among the team to collect data and provided quality information to Caltrans for SMARTS reporting. Caltrans Stormwater Coordinators from District 4 provided good remarks the water pollution control work on this project.