SKE Provides Civil Engineering Services

SKE provides Civil Engineering work for public infrastructure projects. This work includes but is not limited to Project Management and Control, Preliminary Engineering, Engineering Design and Construction Management.

1.Project Management and Control

SKE assists clients to manage project budgets, schedules and quality of work performed by consultants, from preliminary engineering through the final design phase. We implement unique quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) procedure to control the quality of engineering documents during these phases.

Additionally, we assist clients with the following tasks:

  • Coordinate with stakeholders for project development,
  • Apply for permits required by the regulatory agencies,
  • Prepare agreements and memoranda of understandings (MOU) for projects or funding applications,
  • Conduct contractor outreach and bidding process.

2.Preparation of Preliminary Engineering and Project Initiation Documents (PID) for Transportation Infrastructure Projects

SKE produces the following reports and documents in the planning phase:

  • Caltrans Project Study Reports and Project Reports for project approval and for the environmental document (PA/ED) phase, in compliance with the CEQA/NEPA process,
  • Preliminary engineering and environmental documents (PE/ED) for local agencies in compliance with the CEQA/NEPA process,
  • Alternative studies and reports for freeway, highway, and roadway systems,
  • Preliminary project cost estimates,
  • Preliminary hydrology and drainage reports for project approval.

3.Preparation of Engineering Design and Construction Documents for Transportation Infrastructure Projects

SKE performs following tasks for the engineering design phase:

  • Design freeway, highway, and roadway projects,
  • Design building site and storm drainage projects,
  • Design Caltrans projects that are required to be prepared in Plan, Specification and Estimate (PS&E) formats,
  • Perform biddability reviews,
  • Perform constructability reviews,
  • Provide Design-Build Services.
              Completed Stormwater Data Report

4.Construction Management and Construction Support for Transportation Infrastructure Projects

SKE provide the following support to clients:

  • Assistance with the construction bid process,
  • Managing construction projects according to a client's procedures and assisting a client during construction with:
    • Resolving construction disputes,
    • Inspecting work and materials,
    • Coordinating field change orders,
    • Monitoring work progress and payments as well as prevailing wages,
    • Coordinating Request for Information (RFI) between the contractor and designers,
    • Documenting daily activities,
    • Preparing as-built,
    • Preparing close-up procedures and all necessary work to complete the construction project,
  • Coordinating with stakeholders and regulatory agencies for construction activities,
  • Coordinating test laboratories for quality assurance on construction materials,
  • Coordinating with client's managers in preparing construction reports.