Project Summary

State Highway 4 Widening from Loveridge Road to Somersville Road in the Cities of Pittsburg and Antioch, CA.

Caltrans Contract Number 04-228594. The estimated construction cost was $65 million and the project owner is Caltrans.

SKE prepared and obtained approval for the SWPPP and assisted the Water Pollution Control Manager to monitor the storm water pollution control work in the field.

The SWPPP was prepared based on Caltrans' required format and followed the procedure outlined in the Caltrans Stormwater Quality Handbooks. During preparation, we worked with the contractor and the Caltrans R.E. to formulate a comprehensive SWPPP for the entire project. The SWPPP was approved with few comments from the Environmental Engineering Support, Division of Construction.

This project was grandfathered as a Risk Level 1 project, however it was reevaluated and became a Risk Level 2 project. We assisted the Water Pollution Control Manager with the following tasks:

  • Performed storm event and weekly stormwater site observations CEM 2030 including pre-storm observations reports,
  • Prepared Rain Event Action Plans (REAP), CEM 2045.

State Route 4 (SR4) East Widening Project, Loveridge Road to Somersville Road is located in Contra Costa County and is in Region 2 and 5S of the Regional Water Quality Control Board. The project widened SR4 from four to eight lanes from west of Loveridge Road to the Somersville Road Interchange. This project was part of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority's overall plan to continue the widening of SR4 further into the eastern part of the County. The project relieved traffic congestion and met future traffic demand through the year 2030. It also provided additional space within the SR4 median to accommodate the public transit (eBART) extension.