Project Summary

State Route 180 Braided Ramps in the City of Fresno, CA.

Caltrans Contract Number 06-0C1104. This was a Design-Build project. The scope of work for SKE included the preparation of Stormwater Data Report and SWPPP. SKE was designated as the Water Pollution Control Manager for this Risk Level 1 project.

The estimated cost for this Design-Build project was about $40.7 million. SKE's scope included the followings:

  • Performed weekly stormwater site observations and prepared reports, CEM 2030,
  • Trained contractor staffs to prepare pre-storm, during storm and post storm reports and reviewed the reports,
  • Prepared Corrective Action Summary reports, CEM 2035,
  • Prepared Best Management Practice Status reports, CEM 2034,
  • Prepared Notice of Discharge, CEM 2061,
  • Performed quarterly non-storm water discharge observations and prepared reports, CEM 2030,
  • Prepared SWPPP amendments, CEM 2008 and CEM 2009,
  • Prepared Stormwater Annual Reports.

The purpose of the project was to improve traffic operation on State Route 180 between State Routes 41 and 168 by provided Braided Ramps. It improved the branch connectors of State Route 180. This project widened the First Street Undercrossing and constructed two new bridges on the north and south sides of State Route 180. It relieved traffic congestion caused by the weaving movements of traffic along State Route 180.