Project Summary

New West County Health Center of Contra Costa County in the City of San Pablo.

Project Number 145-1001. The estimated construction cost was $30 million and the project owner is Contra Costa County.

Capital Project Management of the county's General Services Department hired SKE to provide the QSD/QSP services for the Health Center construction. This was a Risk Level 2 project. SKE was working with the construction management team, who provided on-site BMPs to control stormwater pollution, in compliance with the current CGP of SWRCB. SKE monitored the stormwater quality control work for construction in regard to the following tasks using CASQA standards:

  • Storm events and weekly stormwater site observation and report preparation,
  • Rain Event Action Plan (REAP) preparation,
  • Stormwater sampling and report preparation,
  • Numeric Action Level (NAL) Exceedance Report preparation for Risk Level 2,
  • Quarterly non-storm discharge observations and report preparation,
  • SWPPP amendment preparation,
  • Stormwater Annual Report preparation.

The estimated construction cost for this project was $30 million and the project has an aggressively scheduled and was completed in 2012.