QSD/QSP Projects


SWPPP, Water Pollution Control Program (WPCP) or Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP)

S Kwok completed the following SWPPP, Water Pollution Control Program (WPCP) or Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP).

We listed most of our SWPPP plans below with
significant construction bid prices highlighted in boldface.

  1. Ramp Improvement of State Route 13 and 24 Interchange near Caldecott Tunnel, Caltrans Contract No. 04-294924.
  2. Highway Improvement of State Route 99 near Ripon, Caltrans Contract No. 10-0L6301.
  3. Highway Planting on SR 99 in and Near Ripon-Caltrans Contract No.10-0L5904.
  4. West Ripon Road Resurfacing Project in San Joaquin County, County Job Number 5701407.
  5. Highway Planting on SR 99 Near Livingston – Caltrans Contract No.10-3169C4.
  6. 12th Street Reconstruction Project, City of Oakland Project Number C241610, Federal Project No. BRLS-5012(085), bid price is $32 million.
  7. State Route 4 Widening from Loveridge Road to Somersville Road, Caltrans Contract No.04-228594, Client bid price is $65 million.
  8. Highway Planting Project in San Joaquin County in Manteca from Route 120 Connector to Route 99/120 Separation, City of Manteca Project.
  9. State Route 108 Widening in Stanislaus County near Riverbanks, Caltrans Contract No. 10-0N4404.
  10. Isabel Avenue and I-580 Interchange Project from Airway Blvd. to Portola Ave., Caltrans Contract No. 04-171334, SWPPP amendment, bid price was $24 million.
  11. State Highway 99 Widening at Feather River Bridge, Nacolaus, CA. Caltrans Contract No.03-1A4324, bid price was $30 million.
  12. Central Park Soccer Field Renovation, City of Pittsburg.
  13. State Highway 140 Construction in and near Merced from Marthella Avenue to East of Santa Fe Avenue, Caltrans Contract No. 10-3A66U4, bid price was $20 million.
  14. Bailey Road Improvement, City of Pittsburg.
  15. State Highway 99 Bridge and Highway Widening Project in the City of Merced, Caltrans Contract No. 10-0K0204, SWPPP amendment, bid price was $20 million.
  16. State Highway 101Auxiliary Lane from Shoreline Boulevard Overcrossing to Oregon Expressway Overcrossing in the Cities of Palo Alto and Mountain View, Caltrans Contrac No. 04-4A3304, bid price was $54 million.
  17. State Route 180 Fresno Braided Ramps, City of Fresno, Design-Build project. Caltrans Contract Number is 06-0C1104. The design-build proposal price was $40.7 million,
  18. BART Earthquake Safety Program – A Line North, Cities of Oakland and San Leandro, BART Contract Number 15PB-110A, bid price was $28.3 million,
  19. State Highway 152 Improvements, City of Gilroy, CA. Caltrans Contract Number 04-2A604, bid price was $2.1 million,
  20. State Highway 80 bikeway construction, Oakland and Emeryville, CA. Caltrans Project 04-292264,
  21. Union City Blvd. Corridor Improvements, Phase 1, Union City, CA. Union City Contract No.06-15, bid price was $1.4 million,
  22. Deer Valley Road Safety Improvements, South of Chadbourne Road – Contra Costa County, CA,
  23. San Tomas Aquino Creek Spur Trail Project, City of Santa Clara, CA, City Project No. CE 11-12-03, bid price was $2.2 million,
  24. Feliz Creek Bridge Replacement on County Road, Mendocino County, CA. Contract No. 110122, bid price was $1.0 million,
  25. I-880/I-280/Steven Creek Blvd Interchange Improvements, City of San Jose, CA.VTA Contract No. C12048F, bid price was $34 million,
  26. Vacaville- Dixon Bicycle Route Phase 5A, Vacaville, CA, bid price was $910,000,
  27. Orange Grove Avenue Pedestrian Improvements, Contract No. 4139, Sacramento County, CA, bid price was $880,000,
  28. Pittsburg High School Athletic Fields, City of Pittsburg, CA
  29. Burlingame Avenue Streetscape Improvements, Burlingame, CA, bid price was $10.7 million,
  30. State Route 4, Bacon Island Rehabilitation Project in San Joaquin County in and Near Stockton, Caltrans Contract number 10-0W1204, bid price was $7.4 millions,
  31. UCSF Mission Bay, 2nd Parcel Surcharge Phase 4 and Phase 5, San Francisco, CA,
  32. State Highway 101 Highway Landscape Project for Auxiliary Lanes from Menlo Park to Palo Alto, CA. Caltrans Project 04-2356A4, bid price was $1.02 million,
  33. Hendy Avenue Complete Street Improvements Project, City of Sunnyvale, CA, Public Works Project No. ST-12/05-12, bid price was $2.15 million,
  34. Livermore Airport Administration Building, City of Livermore, CA, bid price was $4.08 million,
  35. Union City Intermodal Station, Phase 2, BART Station Improvements,
  36. SR 4/SR160 – Ramp Connectors Project, Contra Costa County Authority Project, CCTA Contract No. 377, Caltrans Contract Number 04-2G5104, bid price was $32.5 million,
  37. East Contra Costa BART Extension Project, Trackwork, System, and Facility Finishes, Contract No. 04-SF130, bid price was $83.7 million,
  38. The Ohlone Greenway Natural Area and Raingardens project, City of El Cerrito, bid price was about $600,000,
  39. Pittsburg High School Stadium Athletic Improvement and Baseball Field and North Campus Improvements,
  40. San Pablo Dam Road Walkability Project, Contra Costa County Public Works Department, Project No. 0662-6R4051, bid price was $1.7 million
  41. Construction of Hayward Maintenance Complex Project for BART, BART contract Number 01RQ-110, bid price was $98.4 million,
  42. Miller Creek Middle School Field Renovation, City of San Rafael, CA 94903,
  43. I-880 Operation and Safety Improvements at 29th Avenue and 23rd Avenue Overcrossing, Oakland, Caltrans Contract Number 04-0A7104, bid price was $52.8 million,
  44. State Route 101, San Francisquito Creek Bridge Replacement, in the City of Palo Alto and East Palo Alto, CA. Caltrans Contract Number 04-235624, bid price was $15.1 million,
  45. BART Earthquake Safety Program Aerial Structures Between Fruitvale and Coliseum Stations in the City of Oakland, CA. The bidded price was $13 million,
  46. I-80 San Pablo Dam Road Interchange Project – Phase 1, Caltrans Contract # 416, Contra Costa Transportation Authority Contract # 416. The bidded price was $17.1 million.
  47. I-680 Express Lanes Fiber Optic Communications Network, Fiber Optic Cable and Network Electronics Furnishing, Installation and Testing, Caltrans No. 2J330, MTC Contract No. BAIFA-200. It is a WPCP.
  48. The Improvements of a portion of Ardenwood Creek (Line P) in the Vicinity of Paseo Padre Parkway to Tupelo Street – Flood Control and Water Conservation District of Alameda County Specification No. FC5-219. The bid price was about $11.7 million,
  49. Mission Creek (Line L) Restoration between UPRR and Lemos Lane, in Fremont, Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Zone 6 Project. Specification Number FC-6-142. The bid price was about $7.4 million,
  50. Chabot Dam Seismic Upgrade, East Bay Municipal Utility District Specification Number 2017. The bidded price for the work was $12 million,
  51. ower Berryessa Creek Flood Protection Project, Phase 2, Santa Clara Valley Water District Project No. 40174005, Contract Number C0614. The bidded price was $39 Million,
  52. Los Gatos Creek Bridge Replacement, Peninsula Joint Power Board, Caltrain IFB 16-J-C-005. The engineer’s estimate for this project was $15 million,
  53. Balfour Interchange Project, Contra Costa Transportation Authority Contract Number 427, Caltrans Contract No. 04-4H1604. The engineer’s estimate for this project is $40 million,
  54. State Route 17 Emergency Slide Repair, Caltrans Contract Number 04-4K2304.  This is a WPCP project under Caltrans time and materials contract,
  55. South Bound State Route 13 and Interstate 580 Emergency Retaining Wall project. This is a WPCP project under Caltrans time and materials contract,
  56. Hayward Maintenance Complex Project – Central Warehouse, BART Contract # 01RQ-150. Project cost $791 million,
  57. Oakland Emergency Generator System, BART line in the Port of Oakland, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, bid price was $ 22 million,
  58. I-680 North Express Lane, South Bound Project, Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) , Caltrans EA # 04-4H6101, bid price was $65 million,
  59. C35 Interlocking Renewal Project, BART in City of Lafayette, bid price was $13 million,
  60. I-680/SR4 Interchange Improvements – Phase 3, CCTA Project No. 505, bid price was $87 million,
  61. Removal of Lead, Heavy Metal Contaminants, Posey & Webster Tubes, Caltrans Project Identifier #: 04170001941. This is a WPCP project under Caltrans time and materials contract.
  62. Crandall Creek Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project, Caltrans contract number 04-4G8804. This is a WPCP project, bid price was $5.5 million.
  63. Travis Air Force Base Taxiway Lima Repair, USACE Sacramento Project # 466826, SWPPP monitoring fees was $20,000,
  64. Posey & Webster Tubes – Phase 2 Ventilation & Mechanical Repair/Rehabilitation Caltrans Contract # 04-3K2004. This is a WPCP project under Caltrans time and materials contract.
  65. Montague Expressway Pedestrian Overcrossing, VTA project # C18231F , this is an Erosion Control and Sediment Plan, bid price was $11.2 million,
  66. Concord Yard Fire Protection, BART contract No. 54RR-250, this is a WPCP project, bid price $4 million,
  67. Union City Intermodal Station Phase 2A – BART Station Improvements, Union City, CA, BART Contract # 01VM-120, engineer’s estimate $14 million,
  68. The Pre-Construction Tree Removal Associated with the Upcoming San Leandro Creek Trail Project Between Hegenberger Road and 105th Avenue in Oakland, Alameda County, California
  69. CR 95 Bridge Replacement Project of Yolo County. The engineer’s estimate was $2.5-3.0 million.